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If you have in mind "prehistoric" or "Neanderthal" beings, the answer is "no."
On the sixth day, the Lord created a number of races.  The Lord commissioned each of the races to be fruitful and multiply; these were like Adam.  But Adam was created after the sixth day, reflecting the fact that the Adamic Race has a unique role with respect to the Creation.

Each race is distinct, but all races, including the Adamic Race, are of the same essence; thus, the races may cross-breed.

Race is a fundamental institution, the author of which is the Lord God.  Racial mixing thru intermarriage is an attack on a divine institution.  The Deluge in the day of Noah reflects the hatred of the Lord God for mixing of the races.  The wrath of the Lord was upon the Race of Adam, which had mixed with the surrounding races, thus placing in jeopardy the special role for which the Lord had separated the Adamic Race.
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