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With the second chapter of Genesis, the focus of the Scripture shifts from the Creation of the Natural Realm to the creation of a government for the Natural Realm.
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In Chap 1God did not create (Bara) Adam as a them. Go to the IHOL and read what it says. He created Adam  in the likeness and image of God (them was later inserted.) In Chap. 2  He goes into more detail and removes a rib ( actually I think the word means more than a rib, but rather a side of Adam) because she was taken out of man). At First God created Him in His likeness and Image and used the word (Bara).  In Chap 5:2 He used the same word (Bara) for created. There is no plural use in that verse. He used the word formed (yâtsar)  for Eve as a potter would form pottery. Bara is used for the original creation, which was from nothing but His Word.  After the fall Seth was in the image and likeness of his father Adam. No time later was the word "Likeness" used of mankind reproducing but "image "of God is used many times. It wasn't until Jesus that there was One in the Likeness and Image of God. All those who are born into Christ carry that same privilege.
Sorry, it is late and I have to get grandchildren in the sack. I highly recommend using the Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament to check this out for yourself. Then allow The Teacher to explain it to you.
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