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In Acts chapter 18, Apollos is said to have known only the Baptism of John.  Yet, it appears indisputable that Apollos was a mature and productive Christian.   In Acts chapter 19, disciples knowing only the Baptism of John were ignorant concerning the Indwelling Spirit of God; Paul baptized these in the name of Jesus.  John chapter 4 reveals that Jesus was baptizing during the same interval in which John was baptizing.
A number of questions arise concerning these three categories of baptism:

= What is the status of those baptized by John and the status of those baptized by Jesus, in comparison with the status of those baptized subsequent to the Day of Pentecost, after which day it appears that the indwelling Spirit of God was imparted automatically upon baptism.
= Was the Baptism of John a portal into the Way of Life?

= Did John direct those he baptized that they needed to be baptized in the Name of Jesus?

= Was the status of the one being baptized altered by the Baptism of John?

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GOD commands all men to be baptized into the baptism of repentance where the old man of sin dies and then he is raised with Christ Jesus to a newness of life. Man do not receive the Spirit of GOD to stop sinning. You stop sinning in repentance and then you receive with meekness the implanted word that is able to save your soul. The Spirit of GOD is a deposit not a guarantee. The people of Nineveh did not have to receive the Spirit of GOD to stop sinning. They simply stopped.
It is repentance for remission not remission and then repentance.
The church has it backwards. You get saved first and then you repent later and by repentance they don’t mean ceased from sin but just merely a prayer confession.
The whole church system is reprobate because they teach original sin and man is born in sin which doctrine did not come from the scriptures but by Augustine the biggest heretic ever live. Before augustine no one taught sin nature or original sin. Everyone taught free will and ability. It cant be both ways. It is either sin nature or free will and if you're a sinner by nature then you have no free will because u cant repent of a nature and it is not your fault but It is GOD’s fault including child molesters. TRUTH is you are a sinner by choice not by nature. It is not inbred. It is moral choice. Corrupt man dies in the baptism of repentance or he will never be ransomed and redeemed from the bondage of sin and experience a new life in Christ Jesus.
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Contemporary Protestants, particularly those of the "Bible Church" variety pastored by graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary, hardly ever use the term "original sin"; but they often speak of a Protestant invention which they call by the name "sin nature".

The Protestant mistakenly attributes to this imagined "sin nature" the fact that "in Adam all die".  And the Protestant supposes that the "sin nature" was created within Adam in consequence of his original sin, and subsequently is transmitted genetically to the progeny of Adam.  Moreover, the Protestant supposes that the mechanism by which the "sin nature" is transmitted is the male gamete, and that the need to interrupt this transmission explains the necessity that the incarnate Christ be born of a virgin.  These seem to be unaware that it is the Curse upon Coniah which necessitates the Virgin Birth.  Fearful of blasphemy, the Protestant, dares not assert that the "sin nature" is the creation of God, despite the fact that no entity less than the Creator of man could alter the genetic system of man.  And, unwilling to ascribe to "the Devil" the capability of creation, the Protestant, as is his habit, resorts to mysticism; he argues simply and without further explanation that the "sin nature" and the attendant modification of the genetic system of Adam came into existence.

But the tale of a genetically-transmitted "sin nature" is nonsense and mysticism.  The Magic Wand would be a fitting symbol of the Protestant Faith.


The Scripture has in view four categories of sin:

(1) SIN AS A JUDICIAL IMPUTATION.  By a judicial imputation, the sin of Adam is attributed to the progeny of Adam.  This imputation of sin corresponds to the judicial imputation in which the righteousness of Christ Jesus is attributed to certain of the progeny of Adam.

(2) SIN AS A PROPENSITY OF THE FLESH.  This category of sin is motivated by instincts which, for proper function of the Natural Realm, the Creator has designed and built into creatures of the Realm.

(3) SIN AS AN ACT TRIGGERED BY INSTINCT.  This category of sin occurs when (a) unrestrained instinctive action would violate either of the "prime directives" of (i) love toward God and (ii) love toward one's neighbour, AND (b) such action is not restrained.

(4) SIN AS AN ACT PREMEDITATED.  This category of sin occurs as a consequence of determined rebellion against the Law of God, apart from instinct.  Men given to the commission of sin of this category of sin are of the category "wicked".


The Creator has given man cognition, volition, and conscience, whereby man may, as necessary, restrain his instinctive responses in order to avoid sin.
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Sin is a moral choice. Sin is what you do. Not what you are. You are a sinner by choice and not by nature. Sin is lawlessness. Transgression of the moral law of GOD. The moral law is not chucked out the window. Works of law has been replaced by works of faith
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