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Many of the men standing in the Protestant Pulpit adamantly teach that baptism for the remission of sin is a work, and therefore cannot be a requirement for salvation; the basis for this teaching is Ephesians 2:8-9.  Yet the same men teach from the Book of James (the author of which generally is believed to be the infamous James of Jerusalem) and endorse the assertions of James regarding the necessity of works for justification, James 2:17-26.

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You will be judged according to your works and if you are not producing works of faith then you are producing works of iniquity and GOD will spit you out if you are lukewarm and profess to you I never knew you you worker of iniquity.
Acts 26:20 says that you must repent, turn to GOD and do works worthy of repentance.
It doesn't matter how much bible pundits or celebrity preachers or you cry out not of works. You will be judged according to your works and you are not justified in your sins.
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