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The Question2Answer Q&A page indicates that falsified registrations and spam postings are a major problem with many Question2Answer web sites.

Ultimately, what is needed is a system for granting of registration only after an exchange or two of email messages which verify serious intent on the part of the individual requesting registration.

A reasonable and immediate solution for studybible.info would be to impart to several trusted members the power to revoke the registration of spammers and of individuals whose questions indicate idle curiosity rather than serious inquiry.  The postings -- both questions and comments -- of such individuals should be purged.  Policing and dispassionate housekeeping is essential to protect the reputation of the web site.

Though it is impossible to deny swine and dogs access to a web site, a Christian ought not post teaching to a web site populated predominantly by swine and dogs, Matthew 7:6.  Also, as the site is purged of clutter, it becomes more attractive to serious students of the Scripture.  One function of the site is to teach the neophyte; another is to provide an arena for interaction in which iron may sharpen iron, Proverbs 27:17.

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