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This word makes a difference in whether or not there may have been something prior to the six days themselves. In other words, if "God created six days", that is different than saying "God created IN six days". That could allow for things being created outside, or other that within only six days.

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Young's Literal Translation reads:

"for six days hath Jehovah made the heavens and the earth"

The Julia E. Smith Parker Translation also has "for six days."

Both of those translations are rather literal translations of the Hebrew text. No other translations on this site have "for six days."

The Greek Septuagint has:

"εν γαρ εξ ημέραις εποίησε κύριος τον ουρανόν και την γην"

"For in six days the lord made the heaven, and the earth"

Whether or not a translation of the Hebrew should read "for six days" or "for in six days" would probably depend on Hebrew grammar rules.

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I agree with Daniel.  See also Ex. 34:17, which says exactly in same thing in Hebrew.

But before you jump to any conclusions about what the absence of a preposition might mean, think about the rest of the verse:  God created the heaven and the earth in the context of these 6 days, and rested on the 7th day.  What in the universe is there besides the heaven and the earth?  He's talking about 6 days somehow or another and saying that everything in the universe was created with some sort of relation to those 6 days.  Like it says in Genesis 1, if you want a more detailed account of it.  I don't see how you can go anywhere with this, unless you want to go with the other conventional ways of esacping six-day creationism (not a literal day, gaps inserted somewhere, etc.) which also are a twisting of the plain meaning and not supported by the text or by exegetical principles and make no sense with regard to the 4th commandment.  But maybe you can show me a different theory I wasn't aware of.  :-)
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