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In writing a commentary on the creation story of Genesis, chapters one and two, I find the "Concordant Literal Translation" helpful in explaining my comments on the creation.   Do I need a special license to quote verses from the Concordant in various chapters of my commentary?  Or do I simply need to reference the Study Bible source for each occurrence?

Thank you for your reply.

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See the Concordant website for information https://www.concordant.org/version/
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Under the Law of God there can be no such thing as copyright or patent, for the Lord God, being the Creator of all things, is the source of all truth.  Truth is correlates with actuality.  Truth speaks of that which exists.  By his nature, the Lord God cannot condone the practice of copyright or patent or any other mechanism for the forcible constraint of the communication of truth.

Hardly any notion can be more absurd or despicable than the notion that it is proper to copyright a translation of the Scripture or any compilation which facilitates study or communication of the Scripture.
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