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The Young Earth crowd insists that the Six Days of the Creation Account of Genesis Chapter One be construed as literal solar days of length corresponding to the present rate of rotation of the earth about its axis.  Yet the same crowd sees nothing amiss in the traditional Protestant reckoning of the prophesied Three Days and Three Nights of the entombment of Christ Jesus.

In the Protestant reckoning of the entombment (following the convention of the Talmudic Jew by which the day begins at sunset):
    = The just-before-sunset entombment on Friday is counted as fulfillment of the first day and night.

    = Sunrise on Saturday terminates the second night and begins the second day.

    = Sunrise on Sunday terminates the third night.  There is no third day.

In the modern realm of business, such accounting is termed "creative".

Consider the words of Christ Jesus regarding tradition:  Matthew 15:3-6, Mark 7:9-13, 1 Peter 1:18.

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