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In isa 38:14, on this site it says h3068 for the LORD, but in the masoretic text, both the leningrad & aleppo codex, say adanay h136, so if your going by these mss, why does it say h3068 there? And if u have another source u go by can u share whut is?

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Inasmuch as we know virtually nothing regarding the Ancient Hebrew language, the Christian should refuse to discuss the meaning of Hebrew words and the reading of the Masoretic Hebrew Text.  The Masoretic Hebrew Text obviously and indisputably is a forgery which has absolutely no value to the Christian.  No truth can be established by appeal to the Hebrew.

The Hand of the Lord brought about translation of the Ancient Hebrew Canon into the Koine dialect of Greek.  Christ Jesus and the apostles authenticated the translation, which today has been preserved in the volume known as the Septuagint.  Not every document bound into the Septuagint is authentic Scripture, but all authentic Scripture penned prior to the Incarnation is found within the Septuagint.  With that understanding, it may be said that the collection of documents which comprise the Septuagint stand in the present day as the sole and authentic Canon of Scripture.
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