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The term "Eternal Life" is a misnomer, for the adjective "eternal" implies life which is inherent, having neither inception nor termination.  With respect to mankind, a proper designation is "Life Everlasting."  Moreover, it is fitting to capitalize the term "Life Everlasting," for, being much more than mere animation, Life Everlasting is a privileged status which is imparted through the Resurrection Out From the Dead.  In other words, Life Everlasting is a sphere of existence into which one enters by means of the Resurrection.  Specifically, Life Everlasting is the sphere of existence of those who, by the Resurrection, are born into the family of God as Sons.

To clarify:  Note that, though an Angel cannot die, the life of an angelic creature is imparted at the time the angel is created; no Angel possesses "Life Everlasting."  And it hardly needs to be pointed out that the Protestant concepts of the Immortal Soul and Everlasting Torture in Hell are fallacious; man is a chemical organism which at birth is animated by a divinely-imparted Spirit of Life.  Animation continues until the point at which the animating spirit returns to the Lord God; thereupon, the life of the creature ceases.  Only through the Resurrection may man enjoy existence beyond the Grave.
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