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what is the definition of fussing?

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Webster's 1828 Dictionary:

FUSS, noun [allied perhaps to Gr. to blow or puff.]

A tumult; a bustle; but the word is vulgar.

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition:

    n. Needlessly nervous or useless activity; commotion: There was a lot of fuss on moving day.
    n. A state of excessive and unwarranted concern over an unimportant matter: made a big fuss over one low test grade.
    n. An objection; a protest: The longer working hours caused a big fuss.
    n. A quarrel.
    n. A display of affectionate excitement and attention: Everyone made a fuss over the new baby.
    intransitive v. To trouble or worry over trifles.
    intransitive v. To be excessively careful or solicitous: fussed over their children.
    intransitive v. To get into or be in a state of nervous or useless activity: fussed with the collar of his coat.
    intransitive v. To object; complain.
    transitive v. To disturb or vex with unimportant matters.
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