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Jesus came to this earth to suffer and experience all the things that a human person human being would experience he is both God and man and in order for him to truly experience those things that we do he had to become man

His experiences as we know many were horrific especially at the end when they tore his beard they spit on his face they put a crown of thorns on his head making him bleed his skin was ripped the flesh was ripped to the Bone he experienced everything from rejection to abandonment to any pain and suffering we can imagine and at the end it was a lot of everything along with his physical pain

Then just before when he was put on the cross he took on the sins of the world at that point so he knows everything we feel even though oh we've complain wah wah boo who.... about things sometimes that are really little and or that we can do something about but we prefer to complain and whine about it

 Jesus Took on those sins and all those sufferings all the regret the guilt the shame the pain physical mental emotional everything so that we could have a new life
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