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I was raised Catholic 18 years we used to go my grandmother's house after church and everybody drank and swore they were cheating on their spouses and there was no life change

We would sit and stand sit and stand and kneel and sit and kneel and stand and sit Neil and recite a few lines every single Sunday there was never any teaching anything

Now I will say there are some Catholic churches that they call them new Catholics like born again Christian new and they do have teachings that actually tell you about life and how to deal with it in a Christian manner I how Christ would have you live and they do not pray to Mary or the Saints or have a rosary instead they carry the Bible which is the word of God cuz that's the only thing that can help you

For the most part Catholicism is wrong because they worship Mary that is called idol worship for anybody could be money gambling drugs work anything but for the Catholicism it's Mary and praying to the Saints and the rosary those are three Idols that can't do diddly squat to be up front

Also if you were to research the background on Catholicism you will see that there are many cultic things that are practiced it's actually quite horrific

It's like those that are Islam right now but they're not terrorists but they're Islam but they don't really really know the background or the score of it like men can have sex with goats on animals for example so research is always good to do on your own to get the real facts
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