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The Bible does not say.However, we do not own our Life.Jesus, bought us with his Blood, it would be wrong to take something that does not belong to us.That being said, God loves us more than we can imagine.When a person commits suicide,he Is not in his right mind.God takes into consideration the mental state of mind,Depression, and do forth.We can be certain that God will do the right thing, if that person was dear to God.This is only speculation.If a person, is thinking the unthinkable?He should pray deeply for forgiveness, and the strengh to go on, and God will give him the strengh beyond their ability.Have faith, trust in God and he will rescue you.Never Give Up!Our Life is precious to him.Talk to someone you trust, and seek help.God will never abandon you, Trust in him, in the name of his Son,Jesus.
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Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him but he still loved him but Judas riddled with guilt hung himself i cannot say if anyone who commits suicide will go and also remember that satan entered into Judas and so saying the guilt from the betrayal caused him to kill himself so i cannot say wither Judas nor anyone else will not go to heaven
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Psychiatrist Dr John White’s ‘Masks of Melancholy’ noted how one type of suicide is actually altruistic. And (an overlapping idea) Jesus spoke of laying down one’s life for ones friends (Jhn.15:13). Sometimes the mind is depressed when we get wildly outside our normal operating parameters (nomos), leading to anomic suicide. I think the question arises from a false soteriology: viz, I am only forgiven what I confess; once self-killed I cannot confess, therefore I cannot be forgiven. End of the day I think the only sin that cannot be forgiven is the entrenched attitudinal rejection of God, because such folk will not accept forgiveness since they won't accept God. One can, like demons, believe in God; like them (if they go to church) go to church; like them be damned through genuine hatred of God. C S Lewis pictured a clergyman in hell (The Great Divorce), and an enemy of the church (Emeth) in heaven (The Last Battle). An atheist might simply reject the idea, God, without hating the reality behind the concept: those who formally reject God because they blame him for evil may thus affirm inner love for God by affirming inner love for Goodness.
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I believe that it depends upon the condition of the person's heart at that time I do know there are many people with mental health illnesses in fact we deal with a lot of those and we also deal with people who have been addicts all their lives and they try and try and try and try until they can't take it anymore they can't stand what they've done they live in regret Despair and hopelessness even when they have the Lord in their heart because the addiction rains so deeply

 I do believe that at those last moments that the person makes amends with a lord or not and probably says forgive me.... it's all a condition of the heart

 A lot of people always say Wells Judas hung himself but look at the condition of his heart the only thing that drove him to Suicide was Madness for the evil he did but apparently what we don't know he might have said God forgive me at the end and he might be in heaven we don't know it doesn't say in the Bible

Some people take God's grace for granted and do many things their whole lies and think they're saved and I don't but it's not my place to judge I just pray that the condition of the person's heart at the time of their death was a righteous one and that they go to heaven but we know that isn't true all the time
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Concerning Judas, Jesus said, "Joh 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled."  The word, lost, here is the same word as the word, perish, in John 3.16, which refers to what happens to people who reject Christ.  

Concerning what happens to people who commit suicide, I don't think we have a Scriptural answer to this question.  Neither do I believe that what Judas did should be used to form decisions concerning all suicides.  I do appeal to an all-knowing and compassionate and just Heavenly Father to do exactly  what is right.  He is our Sovereign Lord Who never makes an unjust decision.
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In the end we will all go to heaven.
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