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Born and raised in the USA, but now studying the Bible in detail, I am concerned what tribe, my biological roots would trace back too.  I strongly feel being raised a Christian and trying to live Gods will all my life, it does not matter what my roots were but it still bothers me if I came from a tribe God DID NOT FAVOR..???

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Do you mean, which son of Jacob are you biologically descended from?

Are you actually a physical descendent of Jacob?  Not everyone is, of course, but if you are, it would be pretty neat to know which son you came from.  But spiritually speaking, it makes no difference at all.

The New Testament doesn't really talk about this at all.  A much bigger NT issue is Israelite v. non-Israelite, and on that issue, Ephesians 2 is pretty clear that both groups have been joined together, united in Christ.

By the way, where does the Bible say that God doesn't favor one tribe or another?  It seems to me they all messed up pretty badly, and all 12 tribes were judged, in two groups, Judah, and Israel (everyone else, sometimes referred to as Ephraim because it was the largest tribe).  Just read the prophets, it's all throughout those books.

But I think the key here is this:  If you're trying to do God's will in God's power (not your own strength or self-righteousness) and trusting him alone, then God already favors you!  The very fact that you want to do God's will and that you have spiritual fruit in your life shows that God has given you grace and saved you.  Just remember, you can't do this yourself, you need God to be working in your life; but if you see God working in your life, then he won't stop!  And make sure that you also don't stop following his will.  (Phil. 1:6; 2:12-13)
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I am truly amazed by those who refuse to acknowledge that Israel was favored and loved by God (even though they continually disobeyed—see Hosea 11) The religion that Jesus taught was just an extension of the Israelite religion, not a new belief system. The sacrifice of the Anointed One (Jesus) changed the method of how sins were forgiven, not the entire system. Modern Christianity and Judaism have failed to recognize this fact. The descendants of Abraham (through Jacob) were given a special blessing by God: “I will establish my covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.” (Genesis 17:7-8) When the Kingdom of God is restored on this earth, the headquarters of our Lord and Savior will be in this region (see: Revelation 21) Those who are descendants of Jacob (including those who have lost their real heritage) will be transported back to this region. Just image the tremendous blessing they will receive to be at the center of God's Kingdom on this earth! There are many who will strongly suggest that all Christians will go to heaven, but this concept is just not biblical. So, if you really are a descendant of Jacob (there is evidence that all white people are) then you should be proud of your heritage and look forward to the blessings that God will give you in His Kingdom on this earth.  (read Romans 11)

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"The religion that Jesus taught was just an extension of the Israelite religion, not a new belief system." -- Right, I think this is a key point that many people miss.

"The sacrifice of the Anointed One (Jesus) changed the method of how sins were forgiven, not the entire system." -- In fact, the method of how sins were forgiven wasn't even changed; the ceremonial requirements such as ineffective animal sacrifice foreshadowing Christ's truly efficacious sacrifice, was merely removed.

"There is evidence that all white people are [descendants of Jacob]" -- I have heard of this before.  What evidence in particular do you cite?  Also, are you familiar with the line of thought that says that the various countries of Europe and especially America are/will be the new home of the tribes of Israel in fulfilment of some of these prophecies?  (born in a day, Is. 66:8; from sea to sea, Zech. 9:10)
Sacrifices: review Leviticus 16, especially verse 30  (this verse is very similar to 1 John 1:7-9)

White race: The story of the two sons of Joseph (Ephraim/Manasseh) and the blessings their descendants would received is strikingly similar to Great Britain and the United States. (Genesis 48)
“The Lord will have compassion on Jacob; once again He will choose Israel and settle them in their own land.” (review Isaiah 14)  note: this happened several times in the O.T. and it seems that God will unite both physical and spiritual Israel in the future. Where? I guess we will just have to wait to see.
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As far as your salvation is concerned, no it does not matter.

Read Galatians 3:28. If you are in Jesus Christ, you are in His kingdom, Colossians 1:13. Also note I Timothy 1:3-4 (do not give heed to endless genealogies). Paul knew he was from the tribe of Benjamin, but Paul did not depend on that for his salvation. He left all that behind. He says I count that as loss and rubbish for Christ.

What matters is your connection with Jesus Christ. That's what matters.

Hope this helps.

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