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What are the implications of the word "salvation" in Eph 6:17?  Is Paul referring only to being saved when he writes, "And take the helmet of salvation", or is he also referring to the victory and deliverance that we Christians have in all situations through Jesus Christ here and now?  Thank you!

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σωτήριον can be translated as salvation or deliverance. However, translating it as victory would be stretching the range of how the word can be translated. Additionally, there is already a word for victory in greek which is νίκη. The Apostolic Bible Polyglot translates σωτήριον as "deliverance" even though most translations have chosen to translate it as "salvation" since it is more traditionally familiar.

Paul is probably referring to more than the simplistic understanding of being saved when he uses the phrase "helmet of salvation."

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Thank you.  

When I used the word "victory" I was meaning "deliverance".  Our "victory" is our opportunity to appropriate what Jesus has accomplished for us.  In other words, in any and all situations, our "helmet of salvation" draws upon the fact that in Christ, we have His resources, if we choose to appropriate them by faith:   His way of dealing of situations, His way of handling difficulties, His way of living life.
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