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...righteousness of our God, and the Saviour, Jesus Christ:"

This reads as the same NWT, watchtower, which is contrary to all other versions. 


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2peter 1:1

"The Savior Jesus"
The following translations read the same way.For better translations, I would recommend a "Bible Interlinier of the New Testament.
If you find a good Bible Interlinier, please let me know.I like to compare translations and Bible Interliniers.Some Interliniers, on sticky points, leave parts untranslated.That's not a sign of a good translation.I'm curious, why are you opposed of 2peter1:1 being translated, "The Savior Jesus".Your response would be appreciated.Thanks.
In addition, here is a clip of one of the Interliniers I use.
1 Σίμων Simon  Πέτρος Peter  δοῦλος slave  καὶ and  ἀπόστολος apostle  Ἰησοῦ of Jesus  Χριστοῦ Christ  τοῖς to the (ones)  ἰσότιμον equally precious  ἡμῖν to us  λαχοῦσιν having obtained (by lot)  πίστιν faith  ἐν in  δικαιοσύνῃ righteousness  τοῦ of the  θεοῦ God  ἡμῶν of us  καὶ and  σωτῆρος of Savior  Ἰησοῦ Jesus  Χριστοῦ· Christ;  
I hope this was helpful.
Neighborly Love.
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