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Are the Monitors of Study Bible Bias Towards the Trinity Doctrines?

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Neutrality is a myth. Therefore everyone is biased toward something.

I have not encountered another formulation of the Godhead other than trinitarianism that complies with scripture.

I recommend these resource by R. J. Rushdoony on the trinity:


Since many times these types of questions are written by Jehovah's Witness I recommend this article specifically about why the Jehovah's Witness' view of God does not cannot make available the necessary presuppositions for knowledge.


A single-person god cannot make available the necessary presuppositions for knowledge. This unitarian god cannot supply universals, besides he cannot even make sense of the particulars in human experience. That is one of the reasons Van Til propagated the notion that one must presuppose the triune God and “not merely another fact of the universe” (Survey). Consequently this includes a singular god who is a singular fact, thus he lacks ontic diversity and cannot exist.

The biblically based argument is: Without Yahweh, one cannot account for anything, including the claims of various religionists. Yahweh, the tri-personal God, is the precondition for the laws of reason, moral law, mathematics, and everything else in the cosmos. All rational equipment, concepts, dynamics, and laws necessarily make use of changeless universals with particular apprehension and application whilst only the God with equal ultimacy of unity and diversity can account for such. This is an irrefutable argument that is unavoidably true. There is nothing that a disbeliever can avouch without ultimately relying on Christian triune theism, since the multi-person God alone provides the preconditions for the unchanging universals and their expression in real world particulars. Thus, the WT’s anti-Trinitarian arguments will always presuppose the true God, the very one whom the WT rejects, because the WT cannot supply the a priori environment for the unified diverse laws of logic, and perpetual universal truths. The triune God is the preexisting foundation for all debate in view of the fact that debate must by necessity mount its position presupposing immutable universals. Deny the Trinity and one cannot account for a debate concerning anything, including religion.
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Yes: I am new to Study Bible but was warn of this. It is said that they will remove

YOUR questions about the Trinity, even though no Bible penman has talked about it.

.BEST ask answeryahoo.com and answenbag.com

They have many people that will answer YOUR questions without being bias.

The Trinity is a Myth.
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yes is true: "BEST ask answeryahoo.com and answenbag.com"
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