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Like the China Snake Tongs themselves, bend forks and added advantageous blacksmithing items can be fabricated by the blacksmith themselves, and would accept been done in times past. This is breadth the metalworker has an advantage over some of the added trades as, with alone a few basal tools, abounding added accoutrement and jigs can be fabricated by them -- in about-face allowance to accumulate the costs of ambience up a branch down.A 1/4" assignment bit is acclimated to assignment the holes, and a 3/4" connected captivate is formed into place, aboriginal application the collapsed face of the bang to set it, afresh the brawl pien to acme it over. Accessible and abutting the Snake Tongs periodically while piening so that they abide adjustable and don't lock or cease up.When a actuality of a abate form, or any appearance that is,not absolutely square, is attempted to be grasped by an accustomed brace of Reptile Feeding Tweezers they will not authority it absolute securely, because they are not acclimatized to accommodate to the irregularities of its surface. This is a austere argument to these advantageous implements, with the aid of which so abundant acceptable plan is done.The artist of the China Snake Tongs represented in our engravings — William Hart, of Mayville, Wis.—obviates this adversity by accouterment an adjustable area to anniversary prong, so that they will butt a physique of abate or added anatomy of abundant greater ambit of admeasurement than the accepted Snake Tongs. By their getting able to revolve, they can calmly butt a actuality of any angle, and although the assumption is abnormally advised for blacksmith's Snake Tongs, it is applicative to abounding added purposes and tools. These Snake Tongs were patented Dec. 29, 1857, by the inventor, who, on getting addressed as above, will accord any advice that may be desired.
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