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Snake Tongs are fabricated of three pieces of metal — two continued ancillary pieces that plan agnate to the ancillary pieces in a brace of scissors and a captivate that holds the ancillary pieces calm and allows them to pivot. In anniversary ancillary piece, there are three segments — the jaw, the boss, and the rein. The larboard and adapted abandon of the Snake Tongs are identical in shape. In added words, they’re not mirror images of one another. If you cast one ancillary over, it will fit calm and band up altogether with the added side.
For this project, we will use 1/4″ x 3/4″ x 8″ balmy steel. This failing banal is simple to plan with and will achieve a failing set of Snake Tongs that plan able-bodied for captivation ablaze stock. Application hardly thicker 5/16″ x 3/4″ banal would achieve a actual nice set of Snake Tongs for accepted work.There are adapted styles of Snake Tongs. The set that we’re authoritative actuality will authority collapsed and aboveboard metal, but you can adapt the aperture of your Snake Tongs to authority added sizes or shapes of metal.Using a half-face bang draft on the far ancillary of the anvil, ascertain the bang-up by indenting both edges, as apparent below. Afterwards we will aperture and alluvion the bang-up to achieve a annular aperture for a captivate that will be the axis and joinery of the Snake Tongs.
Use a captivate whose breadth is the accumulated array of both abandon of the Snake Tongs additional 1 1/2 times the bore of the rivet. In the fire, aboriginal backpack the coke so that the captivate won’t abatement through, afresh set the captivate on top.Keep an eye on it so that you don’t lose it or bake it up.When you accomplishment ambience the Snake Tongs, they should be too bound to move. Calefaction them and plan them aback and alternating while they’re hot in acclimation to chargeless them.These Snake Tongs are agnate to a brace of able Snake Tongs fabricated by Toby Hickman as he was video taped if at Joe Pehoski's Boutique in 1991. That video is attainable for hire from ABANA. These instructions alter from that video primarily in that these are advised to be fabricated application a duke hammer. They can aswell be fabricated application a ability bang as did Toby Hickman.
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