How to Choose Cargo Elevator dazenelevator

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asked Nov 13 by leecicivivi (140 points) Supply voltage fluctuations should be within ± 7%. Wells and room temperature should be between 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity at 25 ℃ does not exceed 85%. In the engine room, each elevator should be set to cut off the main power switch of the ladder, the main power switch should be installed in the engine room entrance from the ground 1.3 ~ 1.5m wall. If several elevators share the same room, the main power switch operating mechanism of each elevator should be easy to identify.

Room should be equipped with a fixed electrical lighting, the illumination on the floor surface should not be less than 200lx.5. Power and lighting power should be provided by the user and should be separated, the cable through the trunking or line pipe laying to the side of the machine room door 1.4m high on the location. The prescribed horizontal dimension of the elevator shaft is the minimum clearance dimension measured by plumb bobs. The allowable deviation value is: the allowable deviation value is 0 ~ + 25mm when the elevator shaft height is not more than 30m; the allowable deviation value is 0 ~ + 35mm when the elevator shaft height is not greater than 50m; elevator shaft height of not more than 80m, the allowable deviation of 0 ~ +50 mm.

Hoistway should be dedicated to the elevator, hoistway may not be installed within the elevator has nothing to do with the equipment, cables and so on. Cargo Elevator shaft should be reinforced concrete structure, if it is brick wall structure, should be arranged reinforced concrete ring beam, ring beam layout requirements are as follows: Each elevator landing doorway above the layer should be arranged a reinforced concrete ring beam, ring beam height dimension At least 300mm; except for the other three sides of the side of the hole, a reinforced concrete ring beam needs to be arranged with a spacing of 2000mm and a ring beam of 500mm at the top and bottom of the shaft. Each ring beam has a height of at least 250mm.

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