Boston or bust Its officially the start of November

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Not something too many people bestow upon themselves as a huge accomplishment, but its here. For Jacob Trouba, thats a different story. Its been almost six months since hes received a single penny, or earning from the Winnipeg Jets, and things arent as easy as they should be. The one day of the year food is free all around North America has come and passed, but Trouba is too old to participate in Halloween trick-or-treating. What else does November first represent? Oh yes, thats right, one month until Troubas contract deadline. If hes not signed by the Winnipeg Jets before this day next month, hes ineligible to play the remainder of the season on any team. Same goes for if hes traded to another NHL club, and they cant reach a contract agreement with the stubborn 22-year old. That means a decision will finally be made on Jacob Trouba within 31 days, but thats not the exciting part. We need to know what that decision is. Scenario 1: Re-Sign in WinnipegJesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports More from Jets White OutWinnipeg Jets: Kyle Connor Needs Some Time in the AHL1 d agoWinnipeg Jets Forward Kyle Connor Scores 1st NHL Goal3d agoWinnipeg Jets: Who Played Well Against the Dallas Stars3d agoWinnipeg Jets: Hometown Boy Could be the Answer4d agoWinnipeg Jets Lose Drew Stafford for Critical Part of Schedule5d ago Trade rumours of Jacob Trouba moving to the Boston Bruins is starting to make a little more structure, but the return could scare the top suitor away. Ryan Spooner has been a healthy scratch in Boston the last few nights Teemu Selanne Shirt, and could be the main return for Trouba. Hes a future scoring top six forward. To go along with that, defensive prospect Brandon Carlo has been linked in trade rumours. Carlo was the Bruins second round pick back in 2015 , and has played an under-the-radar type game in the NHL this season. Hes a left-handed defenseman, so that also accounts as a perfect return for Winnipeg. Heres where the separation begins. Boston would almost be willing to give up that hefty load, but the Jets also want a first round pick in return. Boston wont be trading that pick for two reasons: first round picks have become more, and more rare over the years, to the point where trading for them is near impossible. Secondly, the Bruins are a team not quite aware of their destiny, as they could be a team from the outside-looking in at the end of the season, and certainly the Bruins dont want to be trading a potential lottery pick. If either side gives in, then a trade has real weight to it. Scenario 4: Jets sign, and trade Trouba Part of the reason teams arent interested in trading for him is that they dont quite know what to expect to come out of their wallet. If Winnipeg can sign Trouba to a contract that a suitor can afford , this would make it much easier to negotiate a trade. Player and team talk is restricted when a player isnt on that franchise, so many teams may be scared to sign Trouba if they believe he could be demanding upwards of $6 million a season. Trades arent easy to make, and while contracts arent either, this situation will see Trouba signing in Winnipeg with days to go before the deadline. Its a little suspicious how Trouba doesnt see a fit in any Canadian markets, but they are some of Troubas biggest admirers. Its also odd that Trouba feels his role in the Jets lineup isnt right, even though hes easily their third best card to play. Ultimately, Trouba doesnt like Winnipeg, but that might have to change.

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