What are the common things in the precision casting body?

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asked Aug 31 by xuanxuan251 (450 points)
Our company to share with you in the precision casting body structure design included in the main content I hope we can like this content:
First, the shape and wall thickness: precision casting body shape and wax mold size, and with the pressure wax machine match. In order to reduce the quality, easy to operate, to ensure the stiffness and strength of the conditions, precision casting pressure type wall thickness should be as thin as possible.
Second, the type of locking: precision casting locking methods are fixed and active two. Precision casting fixed lock is divided into the live bolts, friction clip, screw clip, edge clip, eccentric handle, bolt sets folder, pressure clamp, friction sets folder, eccentric sets of head, cone sets, fast screw, hook and so on. Precision casting activity lock is divided into screw gap bolt, leaf bolts and so on.
Third, the type of subsidiary institutions: precision casting body in addition to the formation of the mold cavity, the need for injection wax, open and some other ancillary structure.

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