How to choose the appropriate mortar wall for gold mine crushing

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It is well known that the cone crusher is an indispensable equipment in the process of gold smashing. The mortar wall is an important wear-resistant part of the cone crusher. In the course of work, it mainly relies on the rolling wall, the broken wall and the stone Resulting in wear and tear, it is necessary to adjust the gap between the broken wall of the mortar wall control the finished product size, the life of the mortar wall of gold ore crusher process has a great impact. So how to choose the right cone crusher rolling mortar wall, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency?
According to the performance of mortar wall analysis, from the production process and material to proceed. Production process mainly rely on advanced production equipment, jade-use advanced production equipment, and wear-resistant materials is concerned, mainly based on user needs, select the appropriate material. "Golden teeth" rolling mortar wall is my company's patented product, designed for breaking a variety of high hardness of the metal ore and design. The basic material of the "large gold teeth" is the ZGMn13Cr with 0.06? 0.30% Ti, 0.12? 0.3% tungsten, eliminating the cylindrical crystal. Through customer feedback, you can extend the service life of about 1-3 times the cost is very low.
Jinqian Mining Co., Ltd. in the gold smash production line using ultra-high manganese rolling mortar wall (high manganese manganese 8 and ordinary high manganese manganese 13), the best crushing effect is only 8 million tons. But under the same conditions, DSM's "big gold teeth" cone crusher accidentally destroyed 14.2 million tons of gold, is twice the super high manganese ore.

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