Construction waste disposal equipment to achieve fine processing to do green "contributors"

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In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection has always been the most important task of today's society, and construction waste as a result of abandoned waste caused by the stacking, transport problems, as well as the removal and stacking process of the dust and dust, ash sand flying caused by Environmental pollution problems, but also be regarded as the burden of urban development. Construction waste in order to create a rebirth of the road, only from the source of the construction waste crusher, and construction waste resource processing Caixing.
In fact, after the special treatment of construction waste can not only re-as a building aggregate, but also used to be processed by the government departments to vigorously promote the green recycled building materials recycling bricks, not only waste reuse, but also reduce the waste of resources is an energy Effective implementation of environmental protection. The crusher, milling machine is the construction waste processing and processing of effective equipment.
In the early days, the treatment of construction waste was usually carried out using jaw crushers, cone crushers and other crushed stone equipment for rough crushing. The recycled aggregate was applied to the construction and re-applied to the construction. Now the simple crushing process has been unable to meet the needs of comprehensive recycling of construction waste, milling machine can be said to join the application of construction waste to further enhance the field. Grinding machine as a stone processing equipment, is the main idea of ​​fine grinding, the construction waste into fine powder or even 80-800 mesh or more fine, so that the construction of waste into a solid brick, hollow brick, colored Dutch bricks, Permeable brick, square brick, grass brick and other green recycled building materials.
The application of the mill makes the construction waste treated more thoroughly. But also to many investors to see a major business opportunities in today's mill a wide range of markets, the selection of high-quality construction waste crusher equipment is the primary problem. High-pressure milling machine as a commonly used stone processing equipment, which can handle the following 9.3 a variety of ore materials, fineness of up to 425-600 mesh, for the general fineness of the construction waste is a very suitable choice. If the finished product fineness demanding, to 800 or less, can choose ultra-fine milling machine. This equipment can be treated with construction waste to 325 mesh -2500 mesh fineness, is an effective choice for ultrafine grinding processing.
In addition, SBM also produces integrated European version of the mill, overpressure V-type milling machine, coarse grinding, grinding and other grinding machine, the specific customer needs and practical requirements, a reasonable configuration and To provide the necessary equipment for milling production line, to offer you the ideal stone processing equipment.

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