Quarries commonly used crusher

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With China's infrastructure continues to increase, the mechanism of aggregate demand is also growing, so businesses in various regions are looking for the opportunity to invest in quarries investment boom. The main source of the production of aggregate is gravel, and stone crushing has become an important part of the manufacture of aggregate, then the face of the market quarry crusher, investors how to choose to become more troubled investors A question. The following ZENITH machine describes several commonly used quarry crusher, hoping to help investors make the right choice.
1, jaw crusher
Jaw crusher is the most commonly used quarry, the most widely used crusher, divided into PE and PEX type, respectively, for the rough crushing and crushing operations. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, low operation cost, convenient operation and repair, large crushing ratio, large crushing material, low failure rate, strong crushing ability, long service life, stable operation, low price, small size, small footprint, Energy saving and other characteristics, applicable stone materials are quartz stone, granite, river pebbles, pebbles, diabase, marble, calcite, talc, gypsum and other 1800 kinds.
2, counterattack crusher
Impact crusher is mainly used in the stone in the crushing, with a stone beauty, plastic surgery, used in the jaw crusher. The equipment design of the unique, excellent quality processing products, no tension, no cracks, broken high efficiency, large feed, the product less powder, energy saving.
3, hammer crusher
Hammer crusher has both jaw crusher broken large material advantages, but also combines the impact crusher material shaping function, to achieve a stone molding. The device grate design is unique, the material through the sieve rate is high, simplify the crushing process, hammer durable, hammer easy to replace, long life, stand-alone production up to 1500t / h, low energy consumption, low investment costs.
4, impact crusher
Impact crusher, also known as efficient sand making machine, as the name suggests is the production of sand equipment, the equipment is mainly used for gravel crushing operations, generally and jaw crusher or hammer crusher used together to form a reasonable sand production line. The device uses the "stone stone", "stone blacksmith" broken principle, can make the stone to achieve "more broken less grinding" broken effect; the device rotor with deep cavity design, can have a greater stone throughput; crushing process Zero pollution, low noise, less energy consumption, less trouble, simple operation, easy maintenance.
5, mobile crushing station
Mobile crushing station is divided into two types of tire and crawler models, with a complete set of units, flexible, can be in any bad rugged road driving, transport convenience, small investment, large income, easy transition, efficient energy , Good mobility, long service life. In addition, the device can also be free to machine, combined into a jaw mobile crushing station, counterattack mobile crushing station, impact mobile crushing station, etc., to meet a variety of customer crushing needs, can be described as quarry "broken king "
Above a brief introduction to several common quarry crusher, of course, there are conical crusher, double-roll crusher, single-stage crusher and other crushers are also used for quarry crushing work, where not one I would like to know more equipment information, or equipment quotations, please click on the online consultation, we will be the first time for you to make the most reasonable equipment quotes.

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