Quarry crusher

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Quarry crusher equipment Description: common quarry crusher varieties are hammer crusher, heavy hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, rotary crusher, sand machine, grinding Powder machine, the user can be broken according to the hardness of the material, the maximum feed size, and finished material size, as well as the size of the site and the surrounding environment to choose the right model, configure the best program.
In many varieties of quarry crusher, jaw crusher and counterattack crusher, cone crushing is the most traditional crusher, suitable for crushing basalt, granite and other relatively large hardness of the material, the disadvantage is the out of the film material comparison More than large production, such as limestone and other brittle materials, then, a little overkill, with the development of the machinery industry, continue to emerge a new model, more targeted materials, broken than the larger, more able to meet customer needs. Which Henan SBM hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher stand out.
SBM hammer crusher and ordinary quarry crusher also have some differences, can also be called heavy impact crusher, both jaw crusher broken material advantages, but also counterattack crusher material shaping effect, Compared with the traditional crusher, the new hammer impact crusher features are the following aspects:
1, the use of a unique design without grate, can be broken less than 15% moisture content of wet material.
2, the bottom of the use of active lining adjustment, so that the material in the crushing chamber to achieve stone iron, iron stone 2 broken, better grain size, flake rate greatly reduced. Can play the role of counter-break, broken in the hard rock, can do two broken with
3, the back of the use of ribs structure, uniform force even the overall chassis more durable, not easy to deformation
4, large inlet, can be broken 1 m 2 of the large material, stand-alone production can reach 1600 tons
5, the hammer with the most advanced domestic chromium alloy material, life expectancy increased by 50%. Rotor outside the use of a unique wear-resistant retaining ring structure, the latter part of the maintenance more convenient.
6, on the limestone, bluestone and other compressive strength of less than 200Mpa material 1 heavy counterattack can directly replace the jaw crusher + impact crusher, simplify the crushing process, yield ≥ jaw crusher + impact crusher two equipment Of the production, the latter part of the maintenance more convenient.

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