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An ordained minister in a ranking order.  As with anything there has to be order and God is certainly a god of order and this I believe Deacon Deaconess are the lowest ones on the totem pole so to speak

 Personally I have been and lived in seven states God knows how many cities and gone to who knows how many churches I have found that those that get tangled in a web of titles and they lose some or a lot depending on the person of what God is really all about because they get hung up on their titles they get prideful they misuse it they abused it there for people are misused abused and hurt and many leave the church and I know some that have even died and committed suicide and that would be a part of it

I think it's wonderful to progress in the church and be involved but when the progression and the title gives you too much authority too many hats so to speak and you get stressed out you need to drop some of the hats and remember what this is all about it's about God Christ serving him and bringing souls to the kingdom if we get too involved in the administration aspect and forget about the souls were useless
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