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Well if you read the Bible when somebody stole their left hand was cut off if they stole again their right hand was cut off when people did things they were either hung beheaded or stoned to death it was much more intense in those days and also very much Injustice was imposed upon the people especially women

God is a God of Justice and as times have changed and we have become a little bit more civil although that's kind of going backwards in these days now people are taken before a jury or judge or both and a decision is made as to their guilt or innocence

If someone is given capital punishment I personally this is just my personal opinion and I believe that that's kind of where this leads because capital punishment isn't directly addressed I think God gives us room to have well I know he gives us room to have an opinion because he gave us free will I believe it's a good thing because if they stay in jail forever and ever we pay the taxes on all that where they murdered a 12 year old child or something or 5 kids or 5 girl women they need to be put to death the the the jails are so overloaded right now they're starting to let them out when they some people have attempted murder and they're getting out of prison because they have no room for them so me personally I'm for it
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the best, I agree
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thank you God bless
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