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Can u pl explain

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As we all know a worm always slithers through the dirt and eats dirt and it's kind of like a snake but without the intensity of the

 Instead it's slowly Works through the system like take a tapeworm it starts really small and it can grow into like 6 ft.

So God said you were will either bow to me you will become a child of God or you about to Satan and be a child of Satan so those that are disobedient unrighteous evil people they're absolutely refuse to believe in God or less alone worship Him, metaphorically the Lord uses the word worm because they will be eating up from the day they are born to the day they die if they do not come to Christ and that evil will grow

It's so weird to me because even as a child I knew there was something I was raised Catholic but they never really taught anything so everything was Mary Mary and the rosary and repentance you know but there was no love God is a god of love he offers us every promise in his book IA the Bible and if people don't want to receive that to me it's just like insane because why wouldn't you want to have everything that God has for

 The reason a lot of people don't is cuz they don't want to submit or Surrender they want to live how they want to live they want to talk all they want to talk they want to listen to and watch and hear and say things that they want to say and it's not nice

God calls us to a higher calling a life of goodness and righteousness and to help and bring others to Christ to bring them Joy freedom and peace and Hope
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