What does threescore mean?

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It's a score for a game. Not. Just kidding.

I love word studies.

I don't know the etymology of the word in question. Here's some information.

Threescore means sixty (Three times Twenty [3 x 20]).

Fourscore means eighty (Four times Twenty [4 x 20]).

Sixscore means one hundred twenty (Six times Twenty [6 x 20]).

I will look up the history of the term and comment later.

Hopes this helps.

commented Oct 7, 2013 by TruthSeeker (520 points)
According to my research, the word score meant mark, scratch, cut. I have heard and used the word used in reference to marking a piece of wood for cutting. To keep score would mean to put a line or a mark for each goal made in any game.
At some point in time and in some place the word score meant or stood for a count of 20.
Consider also: a dozen eggs, tally marks. Those are similar to the word score as used with a number.

Hope this helps

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